Armstrong 6

$ 799.00

Swift Worldwide Shipping is available upon request. The Armstrong 6 is a 6ft 6in long replica of a traditional Cannon Barrel and looks just like the real thing. Think Ships Cannons, Pirate Cannons, Field Guns, Castle Battlements, Gun Turrets, War of Independence, Civil War, Re-enactors, Stage Props and most other types of cannons. A “must-have” for the collector. The ultimate front door accessory or home invasion deterrent or for anyone with a passion for all things military and projectile. These awesome reproduction cannons are just perfect for homeowners, collectors, kids, enthusiasts, museums, stately homes, military establishments and all service personnel, past and present. Cannons of all shapes and sizes have always been popular and highly sought after items. Historically, though, they’ve been very expensive, very heavy and very hard to get hold of. Good quality models and replicas are also hard to find and even then, they’re still very heavy, very difficult to transport, and they’re still extremely expensive. Well, now they’re not! Now you can have all that authenticity, all that nostalgia, pride, presence and pleasure for a fraction of the cost. We now have the ultimate cannons for sale which solve all these problems. They’re light, they’re easy to move and/or transport, they’re high quality, low cost and they’re available. The Armstrong 6 cannons are life sized, highly detailed, 6ft 6in long cannon barrels (1981mm). Finished in matt black, they weigh only 6kg (or 13.2lb) and are moulded in high tech casting facilities from cutting edge, modern materials. That is – super strong, tough, durable, long lasting and almost “everything-proof” medium density polyethylene. Although the barrels are non-firing ornamental replicas, these awesome cannons will easily pass for the real thing. They can be filled with sand or water or even concrete for additional weight if needed though they are only sold and recommended for ornamental purposes. Armstrong 6 Cannon Barrels – Only US $599.00 ….. plus US $199.00 International Shipping. SPECIAL PRICING is currently available for ALL shipments within New Zealand. Please email/contact us for special NZ pricing and payment instructions.

The Armstrong 6 is a 6ft 6in long replica of a traditional Cannon Barrel and is modelled after the Original Armstrong 4 Pounder.

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 1040 × 360 × 690 mm
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