10lb Parrott Rifle Replica Cannon Barrel

$ 669.00

Currently ships within the contiguous United States only. Cannons Direct are very proud to announce the latest addition to our portfolio of magnificent, life-like, life size Cannon Barrels. Civil War enthusiasts, re-enactors, collectors, minute-men, sutlors, museums, forts, armories and more have for years asked us for a full-size replica of the “game-changing” Parrott Rifle.  The main requests were: It would need to be of the same superb quality and level of detail as our Wyvern IV Cannon Barrel. It would need to be as close to the real thing as possible, so as to be fit for confident and purposeful display in front of the most demanding customers. It would need to be light, so as to be easily transportable without lifting gear and also affordable to post or ship wherever required. It would need to be seriously strong, robust and weather-proof to handle the rigours of regular movement, re-enactment use and permanent outdoor display. It would need to be cost-effective and affordable, so as not to be out of reach of the majority of the population, as is the case with most replica Cannon Barrels. And so we can now deliver our very own version of the famous 10 lb Parrott Rifle as used extensively in the American Civil War. This exciting and exacting artefact is constructed in a single piece from high quality Polyethylene.  The gun comes complete with as many features as the real thing (including rifling of the bore to the correct 1 foot per 16) yet allows the purchaser to customise as they wish with appropriate markings in keeping with their own desired historical and geographical significances or requirements.  Rotationally moulded Polyethylene can be engraved, inscribed, chiselled, or branded (with heated letters) with all the markings you require for your own desired level of completion and/or authenticity.  These include: Initials of Robert Parker Parrott, Registry Casting No., Federal Mark of Reception, Year of Manufacture, Foundry, Bore Diameter in inches, Year of Patent, and Weight in Pounds. Other customised features can also be added such as the tapped threads on the breach rim and right trunnion, etc. for mounting sights. Finished in matte black, they weigh only 6kg (or 13.5lb) and are moulded in high tech casting facilities from cutting edge, modern materials. That is – super strong, tough, durable, long-lasting and almost “everything-proof” medium density polyethylene. Although the barrels are non-firing ornamental replicas, these awesome cannons will easily pass for the real thing. They can be filled with sand or water or even concrete for additional weight if needed. They are only sold and recommended for ornamental purposes. Our 10lb Parrott Rifle Replica Cannon Barrels are now available for only US $469.00 plus flat rate shipping at US $247.00 within the contiguous United States.   PLEASE NOTE –  Our 10lb Parrott Rifle Replica Cannon Barrel is currently ONLY available within the contiguous United States.

The 10lb Parrott Rifle is a 6ft 6inch long replica of the most famous US Civil War Cannon Barrel and looks just like the real thing. Think Field Cannons, Field Guns, Civil War Guns, Civil War Cannons, Re-enactors, Museum Pieces, Stage Props and most other types of cannons and artillery around the years 1860-1865.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 1980 × 370 × 300 mm
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