How To Make Your Own Amazing Full Size Pirate Cannon

How To Make Your Own Amazing Full Size Pirate Cannon

Make your own full size Pirate Cannon easily in a couple of days!

Many people would like to make their own real, life-size cannon to decorate their home, use as a theatre prop or finish the children’s castle, tree house. Most are capable of the fairly easy task of making a carriage, however, the cost and complexity required to produce the cannon barrel make it an unfulfilled dream. The Wyvern IV 4 ft replica Cannon Barrel has been created to fill this gap.


Buy your Wyvern IV cannon barrel

It will take up to about 2 weeks for the barrel to be delivered depending on your location. Get it here

Wyvern IV Cannon Barrel


Get your FREE and simple ‘how to’ guide

This guide is very easy to follow. It has all the measurements required for the timber and how to assemble the cannon. Fill in the form below and we will email you a link so you can download a copy for free.

Easy to follow DIY plans

Step 3

Assemble the tools required

This is a simple job not requiring any elaborate tools, just a saw, drill & bits, hammer & screwdriver.

Only simple tools required

Step 4

Buy the materials and cut to size

The timber is just your standard house framing timber. The wheels can either be made by cutting some timber circles or purchased, as in the case shown, from your local hardware store, eBay or Amazon. Ours are standard solid nylon black trolley wheels.

All the parts required


Start to assemble the cannon carriage sides

Fix the pieces of wood together in size order starting with the longest length at the bottom. At the front of the cannon carriage, the pieces of wood should be in a line, the steps are to the rear. Remember to leave a gap at the top for the cannon to pivot on its trunnions. 

Making the Cannon Carriage sides

Step 6

Fix the two sides together

Use the two axle cross-pieces to join the sides together. Remember the carriage is slightly narrower at the front or muzzle end.

Putting the sides together


Fix the wheels to the carriage

Mark the centre of each axle point and pre-drill to take the large axle screws. Remember the larger wheels go to the front.

Bolting the wheels on

Step 8

Stain or paint the carriage

This is where you choose the look of your cannon. Check the customer portfolio for some ideas on wood stains and colour schemes.

Stain or Paint the Cannon carriage

Watch the video

Show off your cannon

Once you have completed your pride and joy send us some photos and we will include you in the customer portfolio.

Example of a customers cannon project
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Easy worldwide delivery

They’re lightweight so we can deliver pretty much anywhere. People all over the world are making cannons using our replica cannon barrels. Start your project today.


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